Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Them and Softball

LAST SUNDAY, I woke up early (well sorta) to meet up with mofo of WithAku and ripin of RJ63 for breakfast and lunch. I ended up being too early as they were busy at a Softball event in Jerudong. I ended up waiting for lunch. Hungry. Tired. Almost sweaty.

I'm not too much into sports photography so I just left my camera in the car - but only to regret the brilliant idea the moment I stepped onto JPCC's field. The trees there were beautiful in the morning. Oh, how that feeling sucked.

I also bumped into bruneian and ucingitam there, and ripin told me airbiscuit, artyeo and jim747 were there as well. Didn't see airbiscuit when I got there so I guess he left but apparently artyeo and jim747 were there at the time but I've never met them so I didn't know how they look like.

In any case, I went to view their blogs and, with the exception of bruneian and mofo, saw the updated photos taken from that day.

Photos by rj63: here
Photos by airbiscuit: here, here and here.
Photos by ucingitam: here.
Photos by jim747: here.

Photo on the side taken by RJ63.


airbiscuit said...

Eh i was there till about 2 kalie...I'm shooting at the ladies side on which some of my officemate are playing.

Which side of the field are you on btw? I also didn't see ya.

And I'm the last one to go home. The guys all cabut awal udah.

RJ63 said...

i was there first, followed by AKU, and then jim turned up, folowed by Bruneian, Arteyo and...another guy, Pas atu baru kamu. I went home kajap around 10.45, Then syaf picked me up and we went there lagi kul 11.45. We were there kajap saja, pastu AKU, Syaf and myself balik hehe. im not sure which person you are, ure the one with the big ass lens kan??

airbiscuit said...


Yeah the 1 with the big lens and monopod :)

Mr Syaf said...

ooohh patut lah I didn't see you. so you're the only non-gay person then. hahahaha!! *cough*ripin*cough*aku*cough*everybodyelse*cough*