Monday, June 11, 2007

Celebrating A Union

I HAVE PHOTOS FROM YESTERDAY's procession - but, as usual, I haven't had the time to process the RAW files. Here are some Jpegs I took of yesterday though. Just a few of them.

I call the above photo 'Celebrating A Union' and thought I'd start with that - especially since this page is about what the banner and arch are trying to portray.

Anyway, click on the images for better viewing pleasures. Until my next update. See ya!

Cooperation: Saw the girl guides holding hands, working together for... something. I could care less about that. Most important part is the lovely shot above.

What Stands Out: Saw the yellow flags flying high above the roofs of Kampong Ayer. They look great. They stand out. And this photo is about them.

Ready for students: These boats were floating on the river, waiting to pick up students and send them off for the Royal Wedding Procession.

Waterbuses: Okay, so I have no idea what they are called but hey, they're the water version of the buses on roads!

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