Saturday, November 10, 2007

Parties For The Kids

It's always fun when a kid's birthday is welcomed with a huge celebration
- games here, parties there - heck, a huge fireworks display was even set up since it's still Hari Raya. I remember celebrating my birthdays like that (without the fireworks) years ago - ofcourse, I was still young. At my age now, to have such things would just sound look so ... childish. I'd rather have a huge BBQ party while giving people choices on what they could do such us a poker set, video games on a network, open air hang out outside in the compound and just chatting away, catching up with things. God, I miss my BBQs. I want it again!

Anyway, to the young ladies who just turned 5 and 2 - Happy Birthday. Let your parties grow old with you and not the other way around. Apakan!

PS: I'm kinda back! =)

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