Tuesday, April 21, 2009


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, I thought I'd share the two quick parts of the play that got a lot of "Oooh~" and "Ouch!" followed by laughter and applause. Hope you enjoy these shots!

More to come.


levlie said...

ahahahahahaha. think i like the snow bit. also masa ka julie waves around her crutches!
btw bang, minta gmbar masa the performance please. satu lah saja. untuk blog ku =oD

운명 - 황혼 said...

WHOA! what an impact! who took this picture.. kesian ehh lady macbeth.. haha.

julezz188 said...

I would have loved to watch these two scenes. especially the cream bit, since we only got to see it once during rehearsal...hahah