Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Behind The Facebook Statuses

Facebook AddictImage by Sin Adam via Flickr

HERE'S WHAT I SAW on today's copy of Borneo Bulletin. It quickly attracted my eyes and realised that people actually do this. Now I'm not a facebook addict. I go there once in awhile mostly just to share photos and view what my friends posted for me. Sometimes, I go there to check on BruGamers and BADS groups. But what this photo suggests is more than what I do.

See, sometimes I do see people updating their status every single moment - letting us know his/her every move. Even while driving! (confession: I tweet on the road - but only during red lights) Though I think status updates like these work best in Twitter since Facebook is cluttering application updates, but I can't help but wonder, why would anyone reveal every single step they make to the public?

Anyway, forget Facebook for awhile. I've got BADS news (get it?) for you guys but not right now. Check back here soon to be the first to know what we'll be up to. Speaking of which, if you guys aren't on BADS twitter, I think it's about time I reveal the still-in-development website.

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