Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cats Day Out

TWO OF OUR KITTENS ARE GROWING UP SO FAST! The week we brought them to our new home, Rain and Cinnamon were so small. And now, almost two months later, they are huge and... well lazy. They are not as active as they once were. They still run around some times though.

And feeling so at home with our family of cats is Cotton - the stray kitten that JuLeZz found on our 'cotton' wedding anniversary. Yes, that is why we called it cotton. Cotton's fur is long and it doesn't look like your normal everyday cat. Some people say it might be mixed. Doesn't matter, it is an extremely cheerful and super active kitten.

Just a short post - we got to go now for dinner with Far and Shahrin, it's her birthday and her 'paper' wedding anniversary. I wish her all the best!

Photos: Rain (above), Cotton and Cinnamon (below).


tati said...

cantek nya kucing!

levlie said...

omg omg omg omg omg!!

i want i want i wannnnt. KIUT.

Laaah, that means by the time i go back, they won't be kittens anymooore. Hahaha. oh well. stiiiil =oD

julezz188 said...

no worries mi, we have 3 other kittens growing at the moment, and they will still be adorably kitten-ish when you get back =)

tati: thank you!! =)