Friday, July 10, 2009

The End is Nearing

THE FIVE DAY WORKSHOP AT IPA is almost over for us and it hasn't been easy for me what with trying to manage my time between the 8am-4.30pm workshop and the nightly Berjaga-jaga celebrations at home for my brother's upcoming wedding (Nikah is in a few hours!). Later on tonight, I'll have to finish our group presentation for tomorrow morning and in between all of the above, I've also been texting people at work about the well beings of our department while I'm gone. Being Head of Department is extra tiresome.

Despite all those, I have to say, I've never had this much fun at an official work workshop before. Sad to know tomorrow will be the last day.

PS: Our lecturer is not meant to know about this photo just yet - so keep it hush hush until tomorrow - if you know her of course.

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