Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six Years of BruGamers

HERE'S A POST I WROTE on - thought I'd just copy and paste it here since I'm too tired to write another piece on the history of BruGamers.

"Man, the new 6 year anniversary banner took me awhile to create! I just spent the past 3 hours finishing and retouching it. What do you think?

And yes, you've guessed it. BruGamers turns 6 years this July. 6 years ago, at some point, I created BruGamers via blogger. It was a one man's job back then, updating and bringing news to Bruneians. Then, as blogging started to take too much of my time, I moved BruGamers to Friendster where it got many members.

But Friendster didn't quite do it so well so I moved back to blogger and by this time, Santet was already on board. Even then, it was hard to update so we moved to Multiply, where we posted photos, news and videos. It was also a place where we exposed BruGamers to more Bruneians. Then, we decided, blogger was still a superior place to blog news - so guess what? We moved back to blogger ... again.

It was at this point where Santet and I decided to create, July of 2007. And so it was decided that July was to be taken as the anniversary of BruGamers since we have no idea at what month BruGamers was actually created.

So there's a little history for you. 6 years, from a blog to online community to its own domain and space, with a forum, where we met you guys. We have come a long way from a one man blog to a full blown website with a community who shares news with others. You guys are the best!"

Original post can be found here.

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