Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Night At The Movies with HSBC

IT's BEEN AWHILE and where have I been? Busy busy busy with work. Can you believe the amount of work I've been doing this past month? I had to organize the staff's Gala Night for this year, which involved rehearsals upon rehearsals. Then there was the department's fun fair - God knows why I even came up with it and let pressure be put on me to make it perfect and successful (in the end, it was). Then the endless workshops, two of which were in the same week and on the same day! Then there's was the HSBC customer appreciation night at The Baze, Empire where rehearsals were in between workshops and everything else I just mentioned above.

Despite things being so cramped inside my daily schedules, all events were fun nonetheless - especially the Gala Night, where we came up with a "Filem-filem P. Ramlee" theme (photos to come), and the HSBC customer appreciation night (with "A Night At The Movies" theme), where I had to gather some actors and get them to perform a few skits from some movies with a bunch of talented performers who danced to some popular movie soundtracks.

The two photos show the performers during that night. More photos in Shutter Speech's facebook page here.