Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Big Day for Aku

THIS IS A BIG DAY FOR SHUTTER SPEECH, but coincidentally, this isn't just a big day for the new life of this blog. Everyday we celebrate new life. Be it those who are already born or those who are just starting to breathe in their first few polluted fresh air of today's world.

Besides celebrating the launching of Shutter Speech, let us also celebrate the birthday of a fellow blogger. Who is he? Some may know him by the name mofo or mofoster, others by aku. He is also the owner of the now popular domain His real name though is Mr Black, named after his round big black ass the colour of his hair.

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, our birthday boy, mofoster.
Go forth to his website, and wish him so.

PS: That last photo in the collage is a tribute to the birthday boy. He loves these kinds of things.

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