Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Shot

WITH THE AMOUNT OF ONLINE SPACES I HAVE, what with my photoblog, my multiply page and tanah air ku, all related to photography, I thought I'd re-open my blogger account and create one place where I could easily list out all the things I've updated on those pages and provide direct links to them. Plus, blogging is cool and blogger is easy to use. Also, RSS on blogger rocks!

This place will not only serve as a place for my updates. With the amount of the ever increasing photo-bloggers in Brunei, I'll also be writing about any interesting updates I can find by these bloggers. Thus is why this place is named shutter speech (it's a play of shutter speed if you haven't realised that yet). Btw, if you are interested in helping to contribute writing in this blog, you are free to do so. You just need a blogger account.

I've got the bloggers RSS, and I check my RSS daily, if I haven't got yours, and if they're linked to anyone of theirs, soon I'll talk about yours too. Linking to their pages wouldn't be so hard.

So here's to the hope that I will be able to at least update this blog easily.

PS: I'll also try to add in news of any digital camera related news whenever I have the time.

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