Friday, March 23, 2007

My Lazy Choice

THERE ARE a heck of a lot of websites out there that offers a lot of ways to post your pictures online and show them to others via albums and galleries. Some of you even use a blog to show your photos. As much as I love multiply, it doesn't really portray fully how great a photo can be. There's also deviantart, a great place to learn and show off, but still not enough for me. Wassup with all these free stuff? Because I'm a cheapskate and I am lazy. I want things done for me. So enter photoblog. My favourite of them all.

Y'know what I love about photoblog? A lot. It combines your blogging and your photo galleries. It shows your photos in one page without having to clutter all 10 latest posts on the front page (a hell for people who upload a lot of photos on their blogs). It shows ALL your photos /(with a limit ofcourse) you post on that day on one page on hi-res without slowing down your connection! Plus, you can use AJAX to view a higher resolution of that photo by clicking on it! And best of all, you can leave comments on different parts of a photo, especially great for art photography.

I know that most of you must already have your own online gallery, but I'm just here to clear all the questions I've been asked on why I keep my photoblog. Simple, it's great!

Then again, it's not like it doesn't come with flaws - but I'll keep that for another day.

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