Saturday, March 24, 2007

Return of The Bruneian

Y'KNOW WHAT's the best part about owning your own domain and space? The freedom of including things on your website such as your own gallery, forum, nude photos of yourself perhaps (whatever you fancy) and removing annoying ads (or include ads of your choice to make money). Hell, even your own layout. Me? I'm a cheapskate and I'm super-lazy (well not all the time), so I can only admire those who own their own domain and space.

Brunei Forever is one of those sites that has its own gallery and forum. Lately I have been going to the forum a lot - less contributing, more scouting for news. Heck, you can join in and be a part of the community yourself. Brunei Forever also offers a free gallery for the public (if the webmaster is reading this, I am promoting your site - so you owe me one!).

Anyway, Bruneian (that's what I call the webmaster), just got back with a desktop (lucky fella), talked a bit about his desktop and his change to Adobe Lightroom (which is superb btw) and posted a new photo from his Jenny M. Ali wedding series. He goes on to say "[...] I owe 6 pictures. To make it up, I am going to upload double the amount that I promised by this week." We'll be watching Bruneian. We will. So far, only one. =)

Go here (or click on the photo) to see that post and any related photos to that wedding.

On a side note, I was talking to Bruneian lastnight, discussing on a possible monkey hunting outing (hey, that sounds kinda cool). We might be getting our round and flat (hey! not everyone's perfect) asses on a boat with cameras in hand and go off shooting Proboscis Monkey April 1st, with the cameras ofcourse. More info on that once I gather enough. Check out Brunei Forever forum here for further updates.

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