Saturday, March 31, 2007

When Cameras Collide

I WAS JUST browsing through all my RSS feeds (I know I could've used that to update my pages but I like to scout for news - especially after this morning's event) and earlier this afternoon, I just added R2No's blog to the feed (and linked it here if you haven't noticed). He is a blogger and a photographer too - and from what I've seen of his work thus far (if an hour of going through his blog counts), his shots look good.

Anyway, so the first Maulud Nabi photos caught my eye on his page. I scrolled down, loving the photos he took of this morning, and then, one photo caught my eye. A familiar looking man in blue cara melayu was in the middle of a crowd, with this weird looking facial expression while taking a shot of His Majesty The Sultan. Then, it hit me! That fabulous dude is me!!

And so I would like to say to R2No thank you for leaving a message here. If it wasn't for that, I would have never found that photo of me. Yes, I love looking for my photos on other people's websites. =)

Okay, time to process my shots!

PS: I didn't get to go to the Japanese ship at Muara. I fell asleep.

Photo: A shot of this morning's event by R2No. Read.

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