Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Before The Sunshine

REMEMBER ME BEING BUSY? With that drama I told you about by BADS? Well, we're in the final stage of rehearsals and soon it will be time for our hard work to be shown to the public.

Tickets are currently on sale and it can be found at Cfbt, Kiarong for $10 each. They are selling out pretty fast so if you want to see the show you'll want to get them as quickly as possible. Shows run on Thursday night (19/04), Saturday afternoon and Saturday night (21/04). More details below.

"The play is a comedy about two elderly comedians, Willy Clark and Al Lewis, formerly partners known as "Lewis and Clark, 'The Sunshine Boys'". After working as a double act for some 40-odd years, they grew to hate one another, and for their last year as a team never spoke to each other. In the eleven years since Lewis retired, they have neither spoken to nor seen each other. Clark, who was not ready for retirement, resents Lewis for breaking up the act. It is now 2007 and Star World is inviting the team to reunite for a special on the history of comedy...."

Again, the Sunshine Boys will be performed at the D'Anggerek Hotel, BSB on Thursday, April 19, at 8pm and Saturday, April 21, at 2.30 pm & 8pm.

Tickets are available from Trisha at CfBT Kiulap, 2442773.

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