Sunday, April 1, 2007

Microsoft Brunei Darussalam

MICROSOFT ENTERS BRUNEI. Their office? At the PGGMB centre in the capital. Their current project? e-learning. Imagine your grandma using Windows Vista. Impressive huh?

Today, while happily walking around The Mall with my fabulous fiance, there, smack in the middle of the Gadong building was a huge banner that said, Microsoft Brunei Darussalam. I was curious and I thought I'd scout for news but I left my camera in the car! So I ran downstairs, with the permission of my fiance of course (who happily went off shopping), to get my trusted DSLR.

I got to talk to some of the people at the show floor, asking questions about what the hell that thing was. And I got the following info.

E-Prime Networks, as I gathered they were called, introduced Microsoft Brunei Darussalam, promoting Windows Vista and Microsoft Office to the public. Their aim is to introduce the basics of using Windows to the masses by conducting special classes. They claim that since the "world today is growing at an astounding pace and it comes at no surpise that everyone is in pursuit for the latest and most advance technology" they think that people "neglect the basics and in most cases are afraid to get involved entirely".

Currently, a number of bodies are getting their share of this e-learning experience including Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education, Government Printing (Prime Minister's Office) and Takaful IBB SDN BHD. The promo at The Mall was made to introduce this e-learning to the public through fun activities and games (they had this musical chair this one time for the kids). But that's gone now. Still, there is a chance for you (or your grandpa or grandma) to learn the basics of Windows.

If you are not sure of their teaching environment, fear not, they have capable teachers teaching in both English and Malay. Learners will also get to learn interactively via their supplied computers through videos and personal headphones. They also provide notes in the form of a book which will also be distributed to learners electronically.

To start, you pay BND$270 for Prime Office Skills which includes learning Microsoft Windows Vista, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook and a one time registration fee of BND$15.

For more info, call 22220866, 2220797, 2220898 or visit their website at

Now go tell your grandparents that you'll pay them to learn Windows Vista so your friends can think they're cool (not.. that they aren't already - but hey! it's cooler this way).

See the rest of the photos from the show floor at Tanah Air Ku album here and check out their uber cool banner.

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