Monday, April 9, 2007

Miss Exclusive

NINTH APRIL. In 9 days come the 18th. When that day finally arrives, it will be a month to the big day. My wedding. I'll be married.

WARNING: The following might be corny and cheesy for some. Be warned.

It has been awhile since that magical day (told you it's gonna be corny) arrived. Things are still great. Heck, even better. This is more like a personal post I'd like to dedicate to my beloved and tell the world that the day for the world to celebrate is coming. The big day of The Exclusives. The day when two great world collides.

Now why am I posting this here instead of my personal private space at my multiply or at The Exclusives' multiply group? Because, I want to share photos that I took a few days ago. So what follows are photos showing reasons why I want to marry this amazing woman.

This multiply post best portrays of that feeling.

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