Saturday, April 7, 2007

Temporary Turned Permanent

YOU MAY NOTICE a little face-lift on this page. I've added a banner at the top and changed my profile avatar. At first, I thought I'd just make a simple one for temporary use, making use of simple fonts and stuff. Then, I ended up liking it.

The 'shutter' part is set inside boxes to represent electronic devices having an outlayer shape as well as elements being captured. The 'speech' part is done so to show the original written nature of a speech before being said. I kept the tag line 'if shutters could talk ...' in there so it leaves room for people to interpret the meaning. The colours black, white and grey are chosen to show the colours of a digital SLR, ink, paper and a touch of elegance.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, the no-longer-temporary-sorta-official-banner-slash-logo of ShutterSpeech[dot]com (umm... see above and right).

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