Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nakhoda Manis

FINDING THE TIME to process the thousands (at least that's what I think it has accumulated to since I've been delaying them) of unprocessed photos piling in my hard drive is not easy. Work is taking too much of my time. Add that to wanting to socialise and finishing the wedding preparations. Fewh~

But I managed to process one of my shots in lightroom at the same time creating and editing a new watermark for my photos. Here's one photo from our proboscis monkey trip I took while showing off my new watermark. Nakhoda Manis.

I love this shot because it really tells the story of Nakhoda Manis. Other than showing how the massive land (or rock?) actually looking like a ship (if you know not of Nakhoda Manis, go google it - you'll find it somewhere - and you call yourself a true Bruneian), it shows off all elements that make up this planet - the sky, the earth, water and men (portrayed by the building and that red thing - whatever that is). It also shows how time has passed since the time of Nakhoda Manis.

Besides those, since the story of Nakhoda Manis is about a kampong ayer kid marrying a princess, having the Istana in the background and the tiny boat (yes, there is a boat) really portrays the story of Nakhoda Manis. Thus is why I dubbed this photo simply Nakhoda Manis.

PS: The watermark is trial. I might change it coz I'm thinking of including the title of my photos - but I also don't want to clutter the image with lots of text.

UPDATE: Hi-res photo uploaded at my photoblog. To see it, click here.

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