Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Path of Green

THE AMOUNT OF ACTIVITIES I've been in lately has been overwhelming. Even knowing that, I still find myself going through the nights processing RAW photos after RAW photos in lightroom past midnight, which in turns make me feel rather exhausted everyday. And even feeling that, I still take photos non-stop knowing that I haven't got enough time to process them in time (anyone willing to process the thousands of photos for me while I play Ninja Gaiden Sigma on my PS3? Oh how I miss my PS3).

But the recent Niah Cave trip is an exception. That trip was nothing short of amazing. It was worth the hours of carrying my camera, tripod and the rest of the heavy equipment.

I've managed to process over half of the photos, of course, skipping the ones which didn't turn out so good, making it faster to develop the photos into the publicly accepted jpeg format for your eyes to see. Still, that doesn't mean the photos are approved by me for the public to see. I have yet to filter the photos again once I'm done the initial processing. The post-process doesn't take long though. I hope to get everything done before Thursday. Why? Because by then, my mind will be obsessed with all things Spider-man (if y'know what I mean).

Anyway, here are some of my approved photos from Niah, taken during our 4km walk to the cave. I call this collection, Path of Green.

Update: Hi-res photos uploaded at my photoblog.


airbiscuit said...

Nice capture. DAMN! I guess its a lovely place to go out shooting. Lucky you.

Mr Syaf said...

Not entirely. It's a long walk to be carrying camera equipment. Once you are there, you have to watch out for bird crap, water drops, bats and slippery grounds (a lot of them). Best protect your camera all the time if you ever do.

Otherwise, if you're not there for photography, it's a walk in the park - with a raincoat just in case though =)

Oh and thanks!