Friday, May 4, 2007

Little Green Poser

OKAY, I ADMIT! It's not easy to try and get one post a day, not with this busy life of mine. Granted, I did try. And I will keep on trying. In any case, I have updated my multiply page and my brugamers group with some bits of tiny stuff here and there. I do need to try and find content for Tanah Air Ku though. An update needs to quickly be done there. So go forth Mr Syaf! And let thy magical fingers do what was not able of yesterday!! ... yeah whatever.

Anyway, check out the following shots taken during the Niah trip. Saw this little creature and took a number of shots. It didn't move for awhile. JuLeZz and I even got closer and closer to it. In the end, it seemed like it was looking at the camera (see the last photo). Poser.

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