Thursday, May 10, 2007

Niah is Here!

I SEE THAT I'VE BEEN COMPLAINING a lot about how I seem to have less time for the online world these days, but I can't really say I have the time and I can't really stop complaining about it since I seem to have less and less of this mythical "free time during your adult life before you get married" thing. And I want to put in more hours into my Oblivion in the PS3! Dammit! I wanna play games! AND I haven't even been shooting photos afraid that I won't have the time to process them. Oh mother of time! Please! Have mercy on me!!

Ranting aside, I've finally managed to finish processing my Niah Cave photos of which the relaxing albums you can find on my multiply page. The others I will post in due time. Right now, I've got a headache and I need to rest my eyes. That's one report out of my list. Now to find the time to post the other news.

Photo: A Peek At Malaysia

PS: I'm getting married in 8 days!!

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