Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wedding Shooters

JUST HAD OUR OUTDOOR PHOTOSHOOT this morning for our wedding photo album. Jason of Masamichi took the shots for us and man was it amazing! In front of the camera again! We felt like celebrities. From Gadong to Rizqun to Taurean to the new Legislative Council building - we went into a lot of troubles. Managers kicked us out, security guards stared down at us - but what the hell, it's a free world right?

Anyway, you probably won't see much of my photos in the next couple of weeks due to being busy with wedding preparation (and work!), you'll probably hear a lot about my wedding week actually. In fact, I am waiting for Mrs. Exclusive (that's right! Mrs!) to get out of the shower so I can get in We're actually rushing for our studio photoshoot with Jason again - and we're kinda late coz we got home late from this morning's activity.

Right! I think my wife (wow!) is done! My turn!

Photo 1: Shooters at my Nikah ceremony last Friday.
Photo 2: More of them at JuLeZz's place.

Photos taken by my sister using my T30.

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