Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Next Mission

I HAVE ALWAYS ENVIED THOSE who have been able to open their own photo studio. I love to be able to control lighting, set settings, create surroundings, faces, resulting in a great photo. Art is an amazing thing.

So, since I'm bored with photojournalism and the lack of photography challenges around me, I've decided that I'll go learn studio photography once I'm done with my whole wedding event. Let's hope that I have enough time to do so - unless somehow money fall down from the sky (or one of you is generous enough to give me some) to go and travel to take photos out there.

I wish there was another 'Niah' kind of trip soon. Oh well. hmm... I have yet to upload the rest of my Niah photos.

Photo: Taken during our studio photoshoot last weekend. Photographer - Jason Ong.

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