Monday, July 9, 2007

Royalty At Hand

THINGS HAVE BEEN HECTIC LATELY, thus is the rather sparse update the past few weeks. I haven't stopped taking photos though. It's the updating and uploading that I do not have the leisure to do. I've got photos from a number of events that have been happening around the country.

Lately though, most of my photography has been focussed on taking photos for the 2007 magazine at work. I'm the assistant chief editor and we wanted a photography theme for the mag. So we've been taking photos daily of people at work, especially the long hard group photos. Add those to my already busy schedule. I'm telling you, they are not letting you go easy after you just got married.

Anyway, thought I'd share the following photo taken from STPRI's 50th Anniversary, Friday, 29 June (Yes! I know! Two weeks late!) of Raja Isteri (the Queen) shaking hands with my wife.

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