Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kuala Balai Trip

Y'KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, take it step by step. And that's what I'm doing. With the lack of sleep I've been getting, I need all the extra rest I could get (if there are any to begin with). Heck, even my muse is asleep!

It's past midnight, and I should be in bed. Note, "should be". But I'm not. Why? Because I want to update this post with one last entry before I retire for the night. Last Sunday, my wife was part of STPRI's Kuala Balai trip organised by Datalish (the same dudes who dealt with our Niah trip). She invited me and I chose and dubbed myself as the photographer of the day (although, they kinda had their own official photographers).

Will update with more photos once my muse had enough sleep. Plus, I've got photos from STPRI's 50th Anniversary to post too (that's gonna be two albums on STPRI - man, where do I really work?).

PS: Kuala Balai is in Belait district.


KantaLensa said...

I've been there before http://c180k.multiply.com/photos/album/111 and fully agree with u about the non-maintenance.

Mr Syaf said...

woe, that long ago it still look the same. they seriously need to take note of the place - sayang jua tu