Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beautiful Abandoned World

KNOW WHAT I MEANT TO SAY on the last two post? Finally! I'm back online! Yeah. That was what I meant to write. But in the middle of fighting my sleepiness and contemplating whether I'd finish doing work or not, my muse failed me, left me, and went to sleep without waiting for me. Such a tragic night.

Tell me, have you ever been to a tiny village that felt like it was abandoned yet it looks so beautiful? I went there only two days ago. Located far away from civilization, hundreds of potholes away is Kuala Balai, sitting right next to a clear glassy river. The place, even with the lack of maintenance, still looks amazing - despite the poop infested toilets, broken benches and fragile houses that seem like it would crush down any second. I can imagine how fantastic it would be if the place was maintained properly. Seriously, I'd like to see it.

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