Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aunt's Another Year

I forget dates easily.
Yes, even as a teacher, I don't really pay attention to dates that much. So there I was sitting in the living room, blogging news on BruGamers' website while julezz188 was singing with kneezparoxism on karaoke when the sound of people singing was put to a hault. JuLeZz mentioned today's date and reminded me of (jengjengjeng) my aunt's birthday.

So, if it wasn't for my Mrs Exclusive, I wouldn't have been able to send a text to my aunt on time to wish her a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Bungsu Suri!
All the best with everything this year!

Photo: My aunt (left) and my sister (right) before my sister left for the UK last month. Yes, there's my shutter speech logo on it - I just like the photo, so I cross-posted this to shutterspeech.com

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