Thursday, September 6, 2007


So I was sitting at Dreamcones today sweating straight after our extremely hot Isyrak Mikraj event at work, tired and wanting a good company but only to be rejected by a certain birthday boy who wouldn't want to come and see me and receive a personal birthday wish, handshake and hug. Can you believe it? I've never felt so rejected. Never!

And on top of all that, he had to be busy on his birthday! Lectures, going to the airport, dinner - wth man? It's your birthday! It should be spent celebrating all day! Skip lectures! Be excused from errands! Meet Syaf! Yes! Me!

Man, all I ever wanted was to wish him a happy birthday personally. But nooooo! Dude, and you know who you are, you suck. And hope you have a happy birthday Ripin.

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