Monday, November 12, 2007

When Mr Syaf is Tagged

OKAY, THIS IS SOMETHING I DON'T DO in my blogs but what the heck? Let's just have some fun with it!

Tagged by zadm.

Three things about yourself:
Deeply in love with my wife, my food and my games

What's in your playlist:
Currently 3 Days Grace, MCR, Sinatra and Elvis

Your favourite music:
Varies according to mood

Favourite food:
Everything but onion

Define love:
My Mrs Exclusive

Any celebrity crushes:
Nope, not since I met JuLeZz

The last person you hugged:
JuLeZz!! I don't hug anybody else

The last person you talked to:
Talking to JuLeZz about pom poms for her netball supporters while doing this

The last time you cried:
I don't cry... okay, I did but I ain't telling why.

The last time you had sex:
What defines sex?

The last time you made out:
Currently making out... hahaha! kidding!

The last person you dated:
Currently in one, Forever and Beyond...

The last time you went out:
Just got home about an hour ago from McD's, eating Double Cheese, Fries and drinking coke while driving

What's on your mind now?:
My gorgeous wife*she's reading this right now behind me*

What's bothering you?:
My huge belly, need to workout soon

This year's resolutions:
Don't do resolutions. They're stupid. Well, okay, maybe not. I'm just too lazy.

Your MSN nick:
Don't use MSN no more. GTalk forever!!

What's your MSN nick about?:
I SAID I DON'T USE MSN! MICROSOFT STINKS! ... though I still rather use Windows than any other OS... 'cept for PS3's XMB - and Linux is kinda cool too.

What do you miss the most?:
My wife - she just left a few seconds ago to meet her friends

Current mood:
Content, Months of Double Cheese craving has been satisfied.

What are you thinking?:
I want Guitar Hero III but I'm broke... and I want coke

Best childhood memory:
Can't remember much what happened then.

3 of your biggest fears:
I fear NOTHING!! ... 'cept maybe losing JuLeZz, extinction of chicken and downfall of Sony

Who do you love?:
Wasn't there a question like this above?

3 of the things you hate:
Such a strong word hate... but I guess, onion is one of them. The smell of onions. Lack of food. Hunger. Lagging internet connection when surfing and playing games on the PS3. Movie reviews! They're such spoilers. People who do not switch off their phones, talk and bring kids and babies to the cinemas! Idiotic drivers! People who complains too much but do nothing about them! People with obscure posts in their blogs which don't make sense at all like as if they are just talking randomly or just want to attract attention. The lack of peace in this world! War! The loss of humanity in everyone's heart and mind in this ever torn our world that we forcefully live in today which we take for granted! Oh... the torture... why was I tagged?!?

Do you blog?:
What a stupid question.

Tag 5 people:
Why tag five when I can tag you, you, you and you... AAAAND YOU!! So if you are reading this, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY TAGGED BY ME!!! Especially my Mrs Exclusive! =)

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