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BBQ Party Dec 07

The photos took some time to be uploaded. I was busy with watching DVDs and finishing this game I meant to finish last week. But anyway, finally, the BBQ party of December 2007 photos are finally up.

How was the party? This was actually the first BBQ that was left to just JuLeZz and me both to get together because my family (besides my one brother) were away overseas. The past ones, especially the ones before I met JuLeZz, were heavily helped by my parents and aunts. So there were a lot of changes this time around.

Besides the preparation, it also started to rain to begin with, so we ended up setting everything inside the house as opposed to the previous ones where we always had them outside. So a lot of last minute planning had to be involved last minute. But thank God this time we thought of preparing the food early, as in having the BBQ food ready before the guests arrived. Well, most of them were - so people ate earlier this time. Which was a good thing for me since I don't have to be outside a lot and actually get to sit and mingle with everyone and just relax. One thing I always ended up with is a tiring body at the end of the party.

Then there were the crowds. A lot of the people I invited couldn't make it due to the rain and a lot of the usual crowd weren't there either. But there were a lot of new faces which was kinda fun too. I could only imagine what it would be like to have all the 70+ people who knew about the BBQ be there (note, we prepared food for 70 - so we ended up with leftovers, lots of leftovers).

Entertainment wise, we set up a lot of PS3s playing Guitar Hero III and Pro Evolution Soccer as well as a corner for Wii. We prepared the usual poker set and card decks. Missing is the xbox but in its place, we turned the living room into a karaoke room - which I kinda missed most of the time since I was outside and around the Guitar Hero area.

All in all, it wasn't such a bad party. Especially since it was prepared by only the both of us. It was fun as always but I knew it could've been better if it wasn't for the initial rain (it only rained for a moment then it didn't rain all night!). Plus, having the party inside didn't really feel like there were a lot of people - like it didn't feel like a huge party as the previous ones - plus most people left early when we used to stay there till late. Then again, some people did stay behind until 5am. JuLeZz and me? We stayed up till around 2.30 playing Guitar Hero, the most popular area of the night. And while JuLeZz and I were ready for bed, we could still hear those we left with my brother outside playing Guitar Hero. Y'know, not a lot of people know this but my BBQs used to be a gaming gathering and once it was called by a really long name, the Xbox Lan BBQ Party or BBQ Halo LAN Party.

Also, we were supposed to have a surprise birthday party too but the birthday girl couldn't make it. So happy belated birthday to Khairunnisa Halim! Too bad you couldn't make it. It would've added to the fun night.

Anyway, I'd like to say thanks to a number of people. My pretty wife especially for the food - we stayed up really late the night before just trying out stuff. Her two siblings and the maid for assisting her. Zeeko for coming early to help out with some of the preparations (lifting this and that). Azz and Ihsan for helping with most of the barbequing. Zool and Ripin for helping out with some of the BBQ as well. Also, thank you Ripin for taking some photos. My mom and brother for the sponsor (I feel like I just won an award). Those guys who brought food to the party, Far for the dessert, Zool for the hell of a lot of sausages, James who left Azz with money for sausages since he couldn't make it and Azz for the bottles of coke. I hope I didn't miss anyone. I didn't really took charge of the food people brought in. So if I didn't mention you, I apologise. And finally, I would like to say a huge thanks to our guests for coming, even when it rained so heavily. Hope you had fun!

Until the next BBQ guys!

Photos can be found at the following:
Guitar Hero III Stars
The Rest

PS: Crap! I didn't get to take a group photo with anyone at all!!

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