Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Talking At Cinemas

I love watching movies at the cinema.
I'm sure you guys too. Heck, I'm sure a lot of Bruneians or non-Bruneians in the country love to go there. Where else could we go for entertainment? A lot of people tend to go to cinemas to seek entertainment, mostly due to the lack of it in the first place. And I think a lot of us go on a weekly basis to watch every single thing that they put up. Now this is good for business but can be a total annoyance to most people.

Why? Attracting people means having all sorts of people in a crowd. And having all sorts of people means you get the quiet kinds as well as the noisy kinds. So which are you?

I'm about to profile cinemas here and I'm not about to keep their names hidding. But before I do, I want to share my experience lastnight at Seri Q-lap Cineplex - and in my opinion a place that offers the worst in-cinema service and attracts the worst crowd but great environment, especially the seats.

Note though, I've never been to OGDC cinema, so I am comparing between the three cinemas I often go to, The Empire Cinema, The Mall Cineplex and Seri Q-lap Cineplex.

Back to lastnight. My wife and I got seats at the middle back row. Before the movie started, a group of people, sitting in front of us, started talking loudly. That's fine. Nothing was on. Then more people started to come in and all was quiet once the movie was about to begin. Not long after, the people in front of us were still talking. Giggling and laughing. Note, the beginning of the movie was serious - nothing funny. They were just laughing at each other. I might not be able to understand what they were saying (they were filipinos) but I know it had nothing to do with what was showing on screen. I shushed them, and they lowered down their voices.

A few minutes later, another group of people to our right started to discuss the movie while it was showing. "Eh, biru mata nya ah!", "Baju nya ah, basah", "Makan ia nie...". Seriously, they think they're the only ones watching? The damn thing is happening right in front of us. Then, an intense scene came up on screen and one of the women to our right got to the edge of her seat and started to shout, and by shout I mean the whole damn cinema could hear her, "Eh! Laju! Laju! Mati nie eh! Takut ku!". I mean, what the hell?

And then, not long after, the Filipinos in front of me started to talk again and so did the group of Malays to our right - at the same time! How crazy was that? My wife and I shushed them, again! And guess what happened next? This Chinese woman started to talk on her phone to our far left! Loud enough for the rest of the people in the cinema to hear her. Seriously, could she be any more selfish? And it's not like I could understand what she was talking about but man, she was talking on the phone during a quiet scene! What was she thinking?

[Read the rest here via Tanah Air Ku]


Zhoe Wynz said...
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Zhoe Wynz said...

whoa... atu banar.. tensen mliat eh. I was remembered my moment too while watching Resident Evil at SQH. Ada dis boy & girl (couple kali) at my left side, start talking from the beginning until end of the movie. Well, ada plang dorg diam, tapi dua, tiga kajap time2 suspen part la. Mun bceta sal movie atu ok lah sikit, tolerate jua la tapi ani ceta sal lain.. like wTh dorg dlm wyg atu. Mun kan bdating d luarrr... (emosi plang ku nah haha). So annoyed bah.. mau jua focus liat ceta fav ku atu.. *sigh*

Mr Syaf said...

iatah... hilang concentration tarus. annoying tu orang becerita ah. Heck, i don't even like people talking about the movie while watching. Mun kan becerita bebisik lah. Ani nda, becakap macam bilik nya saja.