Monday, May 12, 2008

I WON! Plus Mother's Day Chat

I DON'T NORMALLY LISTEN TO the radio because personally, I like to be in control of my music thus is why I burn them onto CDs and play them in my car. But something different happened today. Not those life changing happenings though. Just something really interesting that will make me listen to the radio once in a while.

I won a prize for my first ever text to a radio deejay!


Funny story really. I had the radio switched on when I first entered my car this morning instead of my usual CD (I must've had it on radio before this) and they were playing a very interesting old song. So I listened. Then they were talking about mother's day (which was yesterday btw) which got me interested since I wanted to know what people did during their mother's day (more on this later). Then it came to a point where the deejay said to text about what kind of weather you are like - so I did. Half an hour later, they called when I was at work and told me I won something! Great stuff!


Now, when I was listening to the radio, the deejay kept telling listeners to call in and chat with her - pick a topic and see if they'll win something from her. So I heard all these people talking about Mother's day and I wonder how many of them are sincere in sharing these stories. I mean, are they there to show off? Or calling in just to win a prize? Mind you, most of them tried to share all these sad stories or even how they were hard at work for their mothers. Seriously? If you are so sincere, try to sound sincere. How? I don't know. You can just hear if people are sincere.


Speaking of mother's day - I bought my mom and JuLeZz's mom a mother's day present. Nothing impressive nor were they expensive. Just a small thing to say thanks since I haven't really been able to do much for either of them.

So, how was your mother's day?

For my mother:
Happy Mother's Day! Best Mom Ever!

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