Thursday, May 8, 2008

Selfish Attitude

I just don't get it when people start blasting off their music at a cafe for the whole world to listen. Could anyone be more selfish? I'm just here ranting. Seriously, other people are also paying for their food and environment.

I'm at a cafe at the moment, sitting here trying to do my work at a relaxing atmosphere but noooo~. This group of annoying selfish techno fan sickos are playing their techno music so loud while sitting there and dancing to their techno crap (sorry techno lovers - my respect for you but not to them) while wasting their sorry life in a cafe. Don't they have anything better to do?

Heard of earphones? Buy the damn things!

PS: Here's to hoping that you guys aren't one of them. If you are - then God help us all.

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