Monday, July 20, 2009

BruGamers 6 Year Celebration

BRUGAMERS IS CELEBRATING ITS SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY this month and thanks to a member of the forum, a gathering was made possible last July 14, 2009. The full report of the night can be found here but I thought I'd copy and paste the whole article here anyway.

Thanks to DevilRoshan, we were able to celebrate our 6 year anniversary (first ever celebration!) gamers style! The whole night we spent playing a number of games while having our barbequed chicken courtesy of DevilRoshan.

During the gathering, the guys, especially HHH and KeiKun, found themselves breaking each other's armour in Soul Calibur IV as DevilRoshan found his new love in the game. DevilRoshan played Jericho as well. After dinner, DevilRoshan, zeddez, KeiKun and I found ourselves fragging each other in CoD:WAW. Fun long game. Mr DR dominated though. Then I got to try out inFamous which I have to get once I've fix my PS3.

After all that, there was Guitar Hero World Tour's Smash Hit and Metallica. KeiKun and I "strummed" to DragonForce's Through the Fire and Flames where I ended up with a cramped arm all night - but who cares? We finished the song! Though the first time we did it, we didn't do so well - our *ahem* drummer couldn't make it pass 6%? haha but an A plus for effort. After that everyone, including Reason, found ourselves playing GHWT.

We changed the pace a bit from being wannabe rockstars to ... I really have no idea. Basically, we tried to figure out how to play Noby Noby Boy. It wasn't a smart move. But we thought that was the worst. KeiKun tried out Hakuna Matata at which point zeddez fell asleep. Okay maybe he didn't - but I bet he almost did.

Oh yeah, and there was the cake! Thanks to HHH! We were all amazed and surprised! It looked great! And since DevilRoshan organised the party, we gave him the honour of blowing the candles out and cutting the cake!

It was all fun and man, we should do it again. Just for fun!

And finally, I've also uploaded the photos at's gallery. Photos were made possible by Reason, BruGamers' official photographer (we sorta decided it that night). Thanks!

So here comes the thank yous. Thanks to KeiKun and zeddez for the bottles of 100plus. And thanks Kei for inFamous!. Thanks to Kei also and DevilRoshan for bringing their PS3s (we had 3 PS3s that night! But mine was broken). Thanks to Reason for the photos and the Lays. Thanks to HHH for the great cake! To DevilRoshan for the chicken wings too! And especially JuLeZz, the Mrs Exclusive, for the noodles. Hope I didn't forget someone! But if I did, thank you! And thanks for making the anniversary celebration possible! BruGamers wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for you guys!

Happy 6 years everyone!

PS: Bah bila lagi gathering? Jangan tangah2 bulan k?

See photos here: BruGamers' 6 Year Anniversary

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