Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mom's Golden Jubilee

IT WAS INGENIUS. First, staying at Rizqun last July 16, I told everyone to wait and gather in my grandmother's hotel room while I call my mom over for her mini birthday celebration. She never knew what was coming! (Photos when I get the chance)

Then later on that night, at Rizqun's Sutra hall, during the finale of my brother's doa kesyukuran event, I prepared a slideshow of mom's photos from the last 50 years! With some mini profile of hers too! All thanks to the help of my sister, mimi, my dad and my uncle. She was all in tears! It was unexpected!

At one point, the Golden Bar cake (pictured above planned and designed by JuLeZz and myself) almost got carried out during the wrong time but thanks to JuLeZz, she stopped it right on time! What a night it was.

And what did we get her for her 50th birthday? Well, I kind of forgot to take a photo of it. I'll ask my sister to take the photo and blog it. If you are reading this, please!!

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