Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back To New Old School

AN INSPIRATION IS A STRONG TOOL for motivation. When you are interested in something and you see others who do well in them really do do well, it gives you that drive to want to be at the same level or do better. Unless of course if you are a jealous douchebag who just wants to trample on someone else's success (or steal them in some cases) or your self-esteem level is at an all time low, watching others do their magic I guess just doesn't cut it for you.

Going back to the topic, as you can see from the previous posts (here and here) I've been posting a lot on food. Our home-cooked food to be specific. Well, mostly JuLeZz's work. But my point being, I've never been so motivated to work on food this much before and it's all because of all the amazing food photos I've seen plus the food channels on TV.

Heck, I'm come to pray upon the wonders of TV (again). For years, I've ignored the device but now, it has come to a point where I'd have it in the background even while playing games on the PS3! But I do not stop there - I take it a step further - recording. I don't surf through channels - I surf through the schedules and when I find something I like (or a title that sounds interesting - mostly on Travel and AFC) I hit the record button. Now, only over a month later since we got our little digital magical device (little here being too over ambitious - Astro Max is huge!), we've recorded almost 20hours of TV shows. And I'm loving how you can just skip through the commercials while watching a recorded episode, the reason why I left TV for the internet to begin with anyway. But now, I can save all my hard disk space for my photos instead of downloaded TV episodes.

Next stop, Astro Beyond. HD is everything today!

Photo: Apple Brown Rice (inspired by 'Chef At Home' - we love that show) and Yoghurt Chicken (not actual name - I just can't remember what it's called).