Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantasy Garden

I'VE BEEN IN A FANTASY ART MOOD as you can see in the above image. Originally, I was planning to create something different - something more modern. Going through my photo collection, I saw this photo I took last year of JuLeZz's sister during a Hari Raya photoshoot session. Tweak here, tweak there - and what did I end up with? Another fantasy art.

A lot of brushes and brush techniques went into the above piece - mostly dodging, burning and erasing certain parts to create the desired effect, something different than my usual style. I ended up loving the result and so I shared it (see facebook fan page).

One thing that annoys me at the moment though, my images seems to look a bit dark and sharp when I upload it on Picasa. Best that you go ahead to facebook to see how I intended the image to look like.