Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sky High

I'VE BEEN TRYING HARD to keep practising my photoshop skills and get back to where I was before - back when I used to just design something from scratch - everything 100% photoshop. These days, I even need to go online and get some inspiration before I could even begin a piece. The results? I always end up with not 100% happy with the product but not entirely despised at the results as well. The most important part though is that I do see that I have been improving.

The above photomanipulation is my latest work on a photo I took of my fellow SEEDS members. The photo was originally taken on a flyover (after I parked safely on the side of course) and is a combination of a few stock photos I've collected the past few years. I apologize though that I can't remember who the photos were from (I really should keep a record of it).

The tiny planet was created by myself with a meadow stock photo after which I also added that single tree on it, also a stock photo. The little rainbow however was made by myself on photoshop itself. Easy job. This piece took me about an hour and a half to create - adjusting the lighting took most of my time.

PS: I miss working with the Oliver! casts and crew. Even though I've got a lot of work, it feels like I've got a lot of free time compared to the amount of time I dedicated on directing Oliver!.

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