Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shooting The Shooters

I HAVE FINALLY found the time to process my Maulud photos from last week and the first batch of the photos are already up at my multiply. Dubbed "Shooting The Shooters", I compiled photos of photographers I took during that day into one album. They didn't need a lot of processing and editing so I'm able to post them first.

Here are some of them.

Check out the rest of the Shooting The Shooters at my multiply.


SoulJah said...

You caught Mr. Airbiscuit right there.

Sin Adam said...

hahaha yeah! i know! Didn't know that was him then. hehe

airbiscuit said...

Hahaha! Ada jua rupanya aku masuk lagi kana candid =P~

airbiscuit said...

Eh kali ku cik arah Multiply Album ada jua mua ku sana hehe! Best!

Sin Adam said...

hahahaa!! i love taking shots at photographers coz they're always behind the camera. but with me around, you guys aren't safe! MWAHAHAHAHAA!

But i guess most of you don't really care