Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Camera Wars

CAMERAS ARE AMAZING, well most of the time. When they are crowding your space though, it's war. Every man for himself. Take the following two photos for example.

They're a mess. That one camera is covering the Sultan's face. I hate it. This time, in Bandar, during the Bersama Rakyat event in conjunction with His Majesty's 61st birthday was a fight to the end. And I ended up at the losing end.

Yesterday, I saw on the front page of The Brunei Times an excellent shot of this same scene but from a higher, wider, different angle. And in that photo, I saw my hand and my camera, taking these shots. Now, to find that photo so I can point it out to you guys.

PS: Some more photos have been uploaded to My PicasaWeb albums. Go check out HM 61st Bersama Rakyat Album.

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