Tuesday, July 24, 2007


DID YOU SEE THE AFTERMATH of last night's storm? At work, roofs were blown off, windows shattered into pieces, window frames flew inside the building breaking a lot of things on its way.

I was at home during the thunderstorm, spending time with the PS3 until all of a sudden I could hear the strong winds. I didn't think it was bad but turned out it was horrific. My sister recorded a scene at the perayaan in bandar where people were running towards the stage and under tents while others were trying to hold these tents together. Cries were heard here and there and apparently, a group of female Indonesians ran into the men's toilet, crying, thinking it was another tsunami.

On my way to work this morning, I saw huge trees rooted out and fallen in the middle of the road. Another fell on electric cables. There were also houses with completely blown off roofs. Scary. Thank God I was at home. Although, after hearing my mom's story about the storm lastnight, I did had the tinniest feeling of wanting to run out and start taking photos of the aftermath. Call me crazy, but I really really wanted to - if only my wife hadn't told me to stay put.

Photo: Reaching, taken during last Sunday's event.

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