Saturday, May 12, 2007

Towards Happiness

THE PATH HAS BEEN MADE. The direction has been chosen. The future is in front of you. Pretty cheesy huh? But those say so much about myself right now.

*WARNING*Prepare yourself for a very cheesy post.

In less than a week, 6 days to be exact, my bachelor life will be over. I'll be married. I'll be someone's husband. In less than a week, those days of living alone will be vanquished, gone, no more. Man, that sounds so great!

The following photo, taken during my Niah trip, expresses my situation perfectly. A walkway made in one direction, set towards my fiance at the other end. No obstacles. No branches. No diversions. No signs. Just a clear, straight and easy path forward. Life has never been as such.


airbiscuit said...

Nice composition with all the green "background".

Mr Syaf said...

yeah! thanks!